Your Destination for Granite and Quartz

Quartz or granite countertops? Bullnose or ogee edging? Stainless steel or ceramic basins? These are just some of the questions people ask themselves before they go out in search of countertops in South Florida. Most think that there aren’t too many different options when it comes to buying countertops but that’s just not the case. Particularly when you’re working with the huge selection offered by Half Price Countertops. The elegant stone experts at Half Price Countertops can help you find exactly the right countertop for your kitchen or bathroom.

Quartz and granite countertops are two of the most popular because of their durability and beauty. Other kinds of countertops like laminate or wood may be cheaper, but they are not even close to a strong as stone which was formed over thousands of years using intense heat and pressure. Place a hot pan on laminate and it will leave a permanent mark. You’re stove top can’t produce enough heat to make a mark on granite or quartz. Rather than save a few bucks for something that isn’t going last very long, go with a real stone counter from Half Price Countertops.

Along with counters, Half Price Countertops also specializes in:

  • Sinks
  • Remnants
  • Vanity Tops
  • Stone Edging

Check out our latest video for more information about what Half Price Countertops can do for you!