Granite is one of the most popular natural stones to consider as a countertop when remodeling your kitchen. But because granite is so durable, it can be used throughout the home in places that might get more traffic like the bathroom or even on your floors. If you have your heart set on granite, then make sure to visit a reputable granite fabricator and installer like Half Price Countertops for the best value in Pompano Beach. We have a 12,000 square-foot indoor showroom where you can browse to your heart’s content. We have so many styles and colors to choose from, we guarantee it will be hard for you to decide. Just let one of our experienced staff members steer you in the right direction.  

Where are some of the places I can use granite other than the kitchen? 

  • Fireplace mantles: Because granite is heat resistant, this stone works perfectly as a mantel. And we have so many colors to choose from to match the décor of your space. As an added plus to choosing granite for your mantel, the patterns of the stone can easily hide any soot or dirt from fireplace use. Not to mention, lining your fireplace with granite add a luxurious, upscale feel to your home.   
  • Kitchen or Bath Backsplash: Backsplashes in the kitchen or bath: You can use the same granite for your backsplash in your kitchen or bath as you did for your countertop. The effect is stunning, uniform and clean. Granite backsplashes are easy to clean and scratch resistant. And the array of stunning colors the stone is available in can be dizzying. At Half Price Countertops, we are all about variety and finding the perfect stone for you. 
  • Floors: Granite can be used on all the floors throughout your home. They work well in the kitchen, bathroom, and even your entryway. Granite’s stunning colors and patterns will help any room get noticed. Whether your taste is rustic, shabby chic, traditional, glam, seaside or modern, we are confident that we will find the perfect granite for your space. 
  • Showers: Bathrooms can benefit well from the use of granite. The stone’s nonporous surface is easy to clean and hygienic which means less exposure to nasty germs. Today, granite is being used more and more often on shower wall to convey a unique modern aesthetic.   

Regardless of where you use granite in your home, it will look spectacular. With a product that is as beautiful and durable, and sure to stand the test of time, you can never go wrong. At Half Price Countertops, we work within your budget. Call us today at (954) 867-8310 or come by and visit our massive showroom in Pompano Beach to check our latest inventory.