Granite countertops are high-end, desirable, and perfect for bathroom vanities or kitchens. Granite in Fort Lauderdale has been an upward trend that hasn’t stopped in years. While there are many benefits to the stone, its beauty is reason enough to purchase and install it.

5 Reasons to Install Half Price Granite in Fort Lauderdale

The number one reason homeowners decide to install granite is that it’s incredibly durable. In fact, it is the second strongest stone, taking a proud position next to diamonds. Homeowners may choose to change out the countertop later in life, but it will not be because they have to. Almost impossible to chip, this stone is perfect for the long term.

The second reason to install granite is that it requires little maintenance. The stone does not absorb water, does not accumulate bacteria, and does not respond negatively to heat or hot pans. For homeowners with children, the fear of ruining a perfectly good countertop is always in the back of their minds. However, with granite, this will be one less disaster to worry about.

Granite countertops are beautiful pieces for long-term investments, and can even increase the value of a home substantially. Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most critiqued rooms in a house. If and when a homeowner decides to sell, the state of these two rooms will significantly affect the sway of the potential buyer. Granite lasts for over thirty years, so there’s never a loss in value.

Simply put, granite is beautiful. Each piece of natural stone differs from the others, making it an art piece all on its own. Granite has a distinct texture and a timeless appeal. On top of it all, Half Price Countertops offers granite in Fort Lauderdale for half the price! As fabricators and sellers, they have the unique opportunity of selling these gorgeous pieces at a discounted rate. However, it’s important to note that the incredible offer doesn’t come with sacrificed quality. If you’re looking to install new countertops, choose a material that will last for decades. For a deal you can’t pass up, call (954)867- 8310 today or visit our showroom today!