When you’re choosing a countertop, you want something that will last for life. Granite in Fort Lauderdale is the perfect option for those looking for something durable and beautiful. There are multiple reasons that granite makes a beautiful home or business addition. If you’re on the fence about buying granite, here are a few reasons to say yes. 

Granite in Fort Lauderdale is Cheap  

Most people want to know how much their countertops are going to cost. Luckily, granite is desirable and stunning. Every piece is different from the rest, making it a unique art piece. Even for a unique stone, granite is relatively cheap, which is what makes it such a popular American choice. It’s also relatively inexpensive to install. 

Granite Comes in Many Colors  

Granite comes in many colors, which is beneficial for most homeowners. It doesn’t matter what style your kitchen is because granite will fit any situation! Standard colors include Madura Gold, Silk Blue, and Tiger Skin Gold. 

Small Space? Try Granite Remnants!  

If you’re only looking to cover a small space, you might want to look into granite remnants. Not only are they cheaper, but you will still have a wide variety of options to choose from. Furthermore, remnants are beautiful for vanities or small sections of counter space.  

Granite is Easy to Maintain 

One of the most significant benefits of choosing granite is that it is incredibly durable. It doesn’t stain, and it handles heat very well. It doesn’t take a fancy cleaner to maintain a beautiful granite counter or vanity. Some materials need extensive cleaning product that can be pricey. Luckily, granite is one of the strongest and most durable stones of them all. 

Granite Won’t Chip 

Granite isn’t likely to chip, which is beneficial for those with children. While some plates may drop or jars may shatter, your granite countertop will hold up. Granite also has great resale value, making a home’s value increase with its presence.  

If you’re looking for granite in Fort Lauderdale, call Half Price Countertops today. Not only will you receive top of the line quality stones, but you will also find the best prices around. As natural stone fabricators, we’re able to offer our materials at half the price! Call 954-867-8310 today, and purchase granite for your next home or business project.