How to Clean Granite Countertops in Fort Lauderdale


Many Fort Lauderdale residents and visitors are thinking seriously about getting some granite countertops in their homes. They want the high-quality. They want that classy and chic look in their kitchens and bathrooms. They want the granite to be suitable and visually appealing to both themselves and their families, as well as to any guests who may visit their homes. They want to get granite countertops for one reason or another. But then, this question pops up, how do I clean my new granite countertops? If you pondered about this question, then you will find this article very helpful. Don’t worry it’s not complicated at all. You can breathe easy.

First of all, you should clean your granite countertops daily. No one wants to see spilled juice or cookie crumbs on their beautiful granite countertops. It’s not a good look. You should clean your granite countertops daily using hot water and a dish rag or sponge. If you want to disinfect your countertop and protect it as much as you can, then you can use a good granite and marble spray cleaner. However, you don’t have to clean your granite countertop multiple times with the cleaner. Just use it at the end of every day.

You should clean your granite countertops thoroughly weekly. What does that entail? It requires you to remove or move aside all the items on the countertop and use the specialized granite countertop cleaner over the entire surface and edges. Clean the dust and debris that may have been collected from the appliances around the countertop. By cleaning the granite countertop weekly with the cleaner and getting all of the details covered, you are maintaining the granite countertop’s overall luster.

Next, you should clean your granite countertops monthly using a conditioning stone polish. You don’t want to over use the stone polish, but by using the stone polish, you are enhancing the countertop’s shine. The conditioning stone polish improves the shine, making it look better than it did before.

Finally, every year, you should be testing for sealing. You do not have to seal your granite every year, but you should test it and see if you really need to. If you notice that the granite is changing colors, then it needs to be sealed. The reason why the countertop may be changing colors is because it is absorbing water that has been left on it.

Now you know how to clean granite countertops. Hopefully, this makes the idea of installing granite countertops into your Fort Lauderdale home even better. Granite Countertops are great to have in your home. Granite is one of the toughest materials known. It is very durable; it can last for years. Granite comes in an array of colors and patterns. Your kitchen or bathroom will look great with granite countertops. You can purchase slabs of granite for half of the retail price at Half Price Countertops in Fort Lauderdale. If you are looking for smaller pieces of granite or granite remnants, you can get that too, at Half Price Countertops. Visit Half Price Countertops’ location today to see their huge and impressive showroom. One of their representatives will help you get the granite color you want for your home.