Granite countertops are the number one countertops in America, but has it always been this way? In 1986, Deborah Sussman, a graphic designer put granite countertops in her home in New York. While many at the time saw it as a cost-efficient and earthy option, the following year the material became the most wanted countertop material in the United States. The difference between those two years was the price point. Granite in Fort Lauderdale skyrocketed to all-time highs as the desire for this beautiful stone material went global.

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Granite prices eventually decreased, and families around the United States were able to afford it. Imports into the states increased significantly. Other countries, like Brazil, also began expanding their granite imports. While Italy used to be the primary distributor, other countries decided it was their time to dig into their natural resources. It was not that America did not produce granite, but other countries offered it at a much more affordable price, giving millions of Americans the option of installing this beautiful material at lower prices.

Granite also became easier to ship as the transportation industry evolved. Granite comes in slabs. Therefore, it needed to be shipped more productively to make it more cost-efficient. Granite remains the top choice for countertop and vanity materials today. High-class homes and middle-class homes both find granite to be visually appealing and incredibly durable. Granite offers long-term quality while remaining a more affordable option for millions.

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