The polished granite countertop that many homeowners install in their bathroom or kitchen undergoes an extensive process known as stone fabrication to achieve the smooth, finished look. The fabrication process is a mystery to many who don’t handle these precious stones on a regular basis. Granite has been a favorite option for homeowners for decades, as it is beautiful, durable, and affordable. To get the stone for the quarry to your countertops or vanities is a process, and at Half Price Countertops, we want to share how granite fabrication in Fort Lauderdale takes place.

Sequence of Granite Fabrication in Fort Lauderdale

The act of bringing in large slabs of stone from quarries hasn’t changed much over centuries. In fact, the very act traces back to ancient Greeks. After the stone is pulled from the Earth, the large pieces are cut into thin slabs. The stone is then polished to be one of a kind artworks for all homeowners to enjoy. As for the machinery, there are three typical machines one might see throughout the fabrication process. The first is a saw, which can cut through the massive stones to create the slabs. At this time, diamond wire saws, made of synthetic or industrial diamonds, help to make this process easier.

Next, polishers are used to smooth the rough surfaces of the stone. When rocks form, they are hardly ever smooth, unless they come from the ocean. Like a regular sander, the polisher is complete with pads, which can give multiple types of finishes. Last, but certainly not least, comes the routers, which are what are used to shape the granite. The blade is also covered in diamonds, and with the assistance of water, the router can shape the stone to the desired look.

Fabrication used to take weeks to complete, as everything was done by hand. Now, however, technology has given way to a quick and easy process that allows for accessibility and affordability. Granite fabrication in Fort Lauderdale is not easy to find, but at Half Price Countertops, we do our fabrications, making our stone cheaper. If you’re looking for a beautiful granite countertop at a reasonable price, call Half Price Countertops today at (954) 400-9298.