Granite is the Most Popular Choice Among Home Buyers


Owning your own home is a huge privilege and also a big responsibility. Homeowners have to make sure that they not only remember to pay their mortgage every month but they also need to keep in mind that houses need regular maintenance in order to look their best. A house that’s neglected can quickly fall apart around you so many people spend a lot of time and money making repairs and improvements on a regular basis. Most people who buys a new home look to make certain improvements like remodeling a bathroom or kitchen. Did you know that simply switching out old laminate countertops with new granite countertops in Pompano Beach, you can significantly increase the value of your home? Thanks to the beautiful granite slabs at Half Price Countertops, anybody can get a beautiful new kitchen that will have people talking every time they stop by.

There have been numerous polls and questionnaires given to prospective home buyers and one of the most common answers is that people are more likely to consider a home if the kitchen and bathrooms have granite countertops. In fact, 87% of respondents to a poll conducted by The National Kitchen and Bath Association said that they prefer a home with granite counters. With such a high percentage of people favoring granite in Pompano Beach, what makes it so special? The short answer is its durability, its aesthetic appeal and the fact that the price is much more reasonable than you would expect. Granite used to be an investment luxury designated for the wealthy, whereas now anyone can get a beautiful kitchen counter without breaking the bank.  The rise in popularity has also led to lower prices thanks to businesses like Half Price Countertops who offer prices at a fraction of the competition. Those looking for granite in Pompano should stop by Half Price Countertops as soon as possible to check out their massive inventory of granite, marble and quartz.

Granite countertops that are properly maintained will look great and last for as long as your home does. With all the advantages of going with granite in Pompano Beach, it’s no surprise that Half Price Countertops is always restocking their selection of granite countertops with new, beautiful selections that can really enhance the look, feel and resale value of your home. Call Half Price Countertops today for more information, you’ll be glad you did!