The Benefits of Quartz in Fort Lauderdale in a Modern Age  

As a homebuilder, remodeler, or owner, you may notice that the style of desirable homes is changing. No longer is it about grandiose statements or theatrical architecture tricks. As millennials take over, there is one thing they’re mostly known for, and that’s their simplistic style. Therefore, when it comes time to sell, there may be a few home improvement details that you’ll need to consider. First, you’ll need to look at the colors of your walls. White is a safe and modern option. The same goes for your cabinets. When it comes to your countertops, one of the most popular choices in this era is quartz in Fort Lauderdale.

Why Quartz in Fort Lauderdale is Making a Huge Splash  

Why is quartz dominating the countertop market? There are numerous reasons. First and foremost, quartz comes in multiple colors making it a viable centerpiece for your kitchen. Secondly, white quartz countertops look incredibly similar to marble, yet buyers only spend a fraction of the price. Millennials may be minimalist, but they also have an eye for beautiful things. Therefore, the marble appearance might be a better sell than granite or concrete.

Another benefit of quartz is that it’s incredibly durable. The material is human-made and is usually comprised of stones, glass, metal, and other resins. Quartz is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, non-porous, and so much more! By not absorbing water, these countertops are easy to take care of. Their resistant surface keeps the bacteria, mold, and mildew away. As mentioned, millennials like to keep things simple, so the easy care of quartz is an excellent benefit.

To put things simply, quartz in Fort Lauderdale gives a collective, monochromatic appearance. It ties into almost any style but appeals deeply to the younger generations of homebuyers. If you’re looking to sell your home and you want to add quartz in Fort Lauderdale, reach out to Half Price Countertops today. Our team is ready to give you the professional customer care you deserve! Call us today at (954) 400-9298.