Quartz in Fort Lauderdale is an excellent choice for homeowners looking to build or remodel a kitchen. The material is a common choice, and not without good reasons. Quartz is often a replacement for remodelers and builders who want marble, but find that the upkeep and price are unreasonable. The versatile stone gives variety, beauty, and low-maintenance protection.  

Is Quartz in Fort Lauderdale a Better Option than Marble? 

Choosing a stone that fits a home is entirely personal. However, as mentioned, many individuals find that quartz gives them the same look, for a fraction of the money.  While quartz is still more expensive than some of its competitors, it offers a handful of advantages. For example, quartz, unlike marble, is extremely heat resistant. Though it’s essential to still use precaution, the material deflects heat rather easily, while other materials absorb and damage.  

For households with children or chefs, quartz is a perfect choice. Why? The substance is naturally anti-bacterial, and it’s the most durable of all countertop surfaces. All of the future stains, accidental knife slicing marks, and red wine spills won’t even make a dent in this strong stone. Another interesting fact to take into account is that quartz can come in a variety of colors. Therefore, if homeowners are looking for something unique, quartz is going to be the material that gives that desirable versatility. 

The only con of quartz is that it’s a bit pricier, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have your heart set on a quartz countertop, Half Price Countertops offers beautiful selections at half the price. They do their own fabrications, making them able to sell the stone at $39 per square foot! For a plethora of colors, excellent durability, and low-maintenance care contact Half Price Countertops for your home’s new addition at 954-867-8310. Quartz in Fort Lauderdale doesn’t get any cheaper than this!