A Few Facts About Granite


It takes thousands of years and the combination of high pressure and intense heat to form a slab of granite.

We think it’s worth all the trouble.

Granite has been a popular building material for generations because of its beauty and durability. There is a lot more to granite than meets the eye however. Many are unaware of the stone’s unique history. At Half Price Countertops, understanding granite and its capabilities is our specialty. A granite countertop has the ability to completely change the feel of a kitchen or bathroom. Those looking for granite in Fort Lauderdale should stop by Half Price Countertops for the most beautiful granite, marble and quartz in South Florida.

How much do you know about granite? Here are a few facts you might not have been aware of!

  • The word “granite” comes from the Latin word granum, which means grain. This is because of the course composition of the minerals in the stone.
  • Granite is a felsic, igneous rock, meaning it was formed from the mineral feldspar cooling from its magma state.
  • Granite is one of the most common stones which make up the Earth’s crust.
  • Many of the oldest temples in India and the pyramids in Egypt are made of granite.
  • New Hampshire is known as “The Granite State”.

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