5 Benefits to Using Quartz in Fort Lauderdale


As far as countertops go, quartz is one of the most sought after materials. Quartz is one of the hardest types of stone, with diamonds taking first, and quartz coming in second. This makes these types of surfaces incredibly durable, and incredibly beautiful. At Half Price Countertops, we offer a large selection of cost effective quartz countertop slabs for any homeowner. We also offer remnants, smaller stone pieces for smaller projects.

We highly recommend quartz as your preferred stone pick, and here’s why:

Many think that quartz is only used in countertops, however with its durability and versatility, quartz can also be used for projects such as shower enclosures, backsplashes, and more. Another versatile benefits is that quartz comes in a plethora of colors, even reds and blues. This gives homeowners the flexibility to pick and choose without the restrictions of a singular color.

As mentioned, quartz is the second strongest stone in the world, right beneath diamonds. This is wonderful for those who choose to use quartz as a surface, as it is incredibly durable and resilient. Although there are natural options, there are also even stronger options where quartz and polymer resins are added together.

Generally speaking, quartz is fairly heat resistant, if the heat is not ultra high. Another great benefit, especially in South Florida is that these durable countertops are non-porous. This means that they won’t absorb moisture, which would inevitably lead to mold and mildew damage in the future, along with bacteria buildup.

Another benefit is that quartz is fairly non-stainable, meaning that you won’t have to worry about soap and water not doing it’s job. This is a great option for those will small children, as there are undoubtedly drinks to be spilled and food to be left.

At Half Price Countertops we know that these options can be expensive, but due to having our own fabricator, we’re able to offer buyers up to 50% off, giving homeowners the chance to own quality for less. Though there are many types of stone to be chosen from, quartz offers a wide range of benefits that some of the other types cannot. If you’re searching for quartz in Fort Lauderdale, no matter what the project, Half Price Countertops has you covered. Come check out our 8,000 square foot facility to find your new favorite addition for half the price.