When it comes to areas of your kitchen that see plenty of use, your countertops are often the most strained. At Half Price Countertops, we know that replacing your kitchen countertop in Fort Lauderdale can help revive the entire space! There are many homes throughout The Venice of America that could use some renovations when it comes to their kitchens. Established in 1911, the city has grown by leaps and bounds. With homes in all types of architectural styles and communities serving families of all sizes, quality countertops are the cornerstone of these structures. Has your countertop seen its better days? Our team at Half Price Countertops is here to help! 

How do I know it’s time to replace my countertop in Fort Lauderdale? 

Between all the cooking, appliances and cleaning your countertop endures, it’s often the area of your kitchen that shows wear first. This is especially true if your countertops are constructed from older or less durable materials. Not to worry, we can replace your countertop in Fort Lauderdale! Wondering if it’s time to replace your countertop? Check out the top 4 sings that it’s time to make a change: 

  1. Your countertops are peeling. Older laminate brands of countertops often show their wear quickly. At Half Price Countertops, we suggest keeping an eye on the state of your laminate countertops. The moment you notice peeling on your countertops, it’s time to get them replaced. 
  1. You can’t get stains out. Some stone countertop materials are porous, and when they’re not routinely sealed, you can face staining. If your countertops are stained and you can’t get them clean no matter how hard you try, we can help by replacing your countertop in Fort Lauderdale. If you don’t want to worry about resealing your new countertop over time, we suggest choosing quartz!  
  1. Your countertops are plain ugly. Even if your countertops are in alright shape overall, they may still need to be replaced. When surfaces are old or past their prime, no amount of elbow grease can save them. If your countertops are doing a disservice to your kitchen in terms of style, it’s time to switch things up!  
  1. You’re remodeling the rest of your kitchen. If you’re upgrading your cabinets, flooring or other components of your kitchen, don’t forget about your countertops! After all, no kitchen remodeling project is complete without a new kitchen countertop in Fort Lauderdale.  

Ready to transform your kitchen? It starts with a new custom countertop in Fort Lauderdale! At Half Price Countertops, we offer top quality countertop selections, such as quartz and granite. We also offer fabrication and installation services. Stop by today to start shopping the best countertops in Fort Lauderdale