The Benefits of Having a Granite Countertop

When you decide to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, most of the time the first thing you might think about is what material you would like for your countertops to be. There are so many choices you can choose from. You can get a marble countertop. You can get a quartz countertop. You may even choose to get a granite countertop. Out of all three of these options, the most popular material used is granite.

Here are some of the benefits of having a granite countertop:

  • ·         Granite countertops add high value to your home.
  • ·         Granite countertops are visually appealing; they add color to your home.
  • ·         Granite countertops come in different colors; they can look natural or more polished.
  • ·         Granite countertops are water resistant.
  • ·         Granite countertops are heat resistant.
  • ·         Granite countertops are easy to clean; all you really need is warm water and a light detergent.

Half Price Countertops is a company located in Fort Lauderdale that assists with kitchen and bathroom countertops. We provide high quality granite slabs that are sure to make your space beautiful. Another known fact is that granite is one of the hardest substances in the world. You want to have long lasting and durable countertops in your kitchen because that is where you usually use hard pots and pans to do your cooking.

Our trained team have the knowledge and tools needed to provide you with the granite countertop you so richly desire in either your bathroom or kitchen. Our customers are encouraged to visit our Fort Lauderdale location to see the diverse slabs of granite we have available. You will be able to save up to 50% when you buy granite, marble, or quartz from us because we have our own fabrication shop.

Do you have a smaller countertop or project that isn’t so big that you want to have covered with granite? Don’t worry. Half Price Countertops has you covered. We have available useable stone remnants for smaller projects. Remnants are perfect for a vanity top or stepping stones.

If you would like to get a free estimate on a granite countertop installation, call Half Price Countertops today at (561) 509-5848. We proudly serve Broward and Palm Beach counties.