You may not realize it, but beautiful stone countertops aren’t exactly beautiful when they’re first cut. Typically, stones are harvested from quarries where massive quantities of stone are removed. These raw, uncut and unfished stones can look almost nothing like the final stone that you use for your countertops. What transforms your countertops into beautiful surfaces? Fabrication! At Half Price Countertops, we offer the best quartz and granite fabrication in Fort Lauderdale. For our experts, granite and quartz fabrication in Fort Lauderdale is all about personalization. If you’re looking for the best natural stone surfaces for your home, it’s time to check out our fabrication services.

For our team at Half Price Countertops, great fabrication starts with listening to client needs. You may not realize it, but your countertops can come in a wide array of shapes, sizes and cutout options. Great fabrication is also about much more than just cutting the stone to fit. Quality granite and quartz fabrication also involves adding specific edges, shapes and designs to your stone to ensure everything looks polished and perfect in your home.

The process of quartz fabrication in Fort Lauderdale starts with one thing- picking your favorite stone. Our showroom is packed with wonderful slabs of granite, quartz and other stones for your kitchen or bathroom design. Slabs can be selected based on color, texture and many other preferences.

After you’ve selected your preferred stone, our fabrication experts can get to work on your granite or quartz fabrication in Fort Lauderdale. The fabrication process involves several steps such as:

  • Slab Inspection- our experts will check for cracks or scratches within your chosen slab.
  • Layout Design- we’ll apply measurements for your new project on your slab before cutting.
  • Design Cutting- our fabricators will cut your granite or quartz to the right design and shape.
  • Finishing- if you’ve chosen specific edges or other grinding details, this is the step where those looks are added.
  • Polishing- beautiful glistening countertops are all in our expert polishing

Fabricating your perfect countertops is about more than just using the right tools. There is an art in creating beautiful countertops with wonderful details and designs. Our team at Half Price Countertops is here to complete your perfect countertop design and fabrication services.

If you’re looking for great countertops, it all starts with the right services. At Half Price Countertops, we’re here to help complete your kitchen with the best slabs and fabrication services. If you’d like to learn more about our services, including our quartz and granite fabrication in Fort Lauderdale, please call (954) 400-9298.