Who Manufactures the Top Countertops in Pompano Beach?


It’s always a great time to improve your home with a new countertop in Pompano Beach. If your kitchen is old and outdated and you’re considering an upgrade, remember that finding the right countertop is a large part of the process. Half Price Countertops supplies South Florida with some of the most beautiful and decorative countertops in the world at a fraction of the price you pay elsewhere. Buying real stone counters not only looks amazing, but can also improve the resale value of your home. Options like granite, quartz and marble all have distinct advantages and speaking with the Pompano Beach countertop experts at Half Price Countertops can help you decide which is right for your home. Finding a beautiful new countertop to fit in your kitchen or bathroom doesn’t have to be a long or stressful process. Stop by Half Price Countertops today and see our huge selection of countertops at half the price of our competitors!

.Top Countertops Pompano Beach, FL

What sets real stone countertops in Pompano Beach apart from other options like laminate, wood or tile is their beauty, their durability and their longevity. Granite, quartz and marble are all formed by high heat and heavy pressure deep within the Earth’s crust. After thousands of years in those conditions, your stone countertop can certainly handle a hot pan or knife blade on a daily basis without issue. The intricate colors and patterns offered with stone countertops make each piece unique and a focal point of any kitchen or bathroom. Granite appears in a staggering amount of colors and patterns so you can customize your countertop in Pompano Beach to fit the theme of your kitchen. The experts at Half Price Countertops can help you choose the countertop style which best suits your needs so stop by today and check out the selection in stock.

Along with some of the top countertops in Pompano Beach, Half Price Countertops can also help with other aspects of your remodeling such as designer cabinets and custom sinks so your dream kitchen can become a reality. As a direct importer of quality granite and quartz, Half Price Countertops can save you hundreds on the best countertops Pompano Beach has to offer. Our specialists at Half Price Countertops can bring quality granite, design and installation to your home. We’re dedicated to being your one stop kitchen design shop. We can help you design your ideal kitchen, fabricating your granite slabs in our warehouse. These slabs can include details including thickness, shape and even edging details. Those thinking about improving the resale value of their home can save money and still get their dream kitchen with help from Half Price Countertops. Stop by the showroom today to browse the selection and speak with a counter expert about your remodeling project.