What’s the Difference Between Countertops in Fort Lauderdale?


Granite is nice, but so is quartz. Is marble an option? Does it have to be sealed?

The thought process of someone trying to decide on the top material for a countertop in Fort Lauderdale can be pretty hectic. On the surface, a countertop seems pretty straight forward, but anyone who’s purchased a new stone slab recently can tell you that there’s a whole lot to think about before you buy. You can get out of a kitchen remodeling project pretty cheaply if you buy laminate or some other material, but for those looking for superior quality and beauty with their countertop should really only consider granite or quartz. As two of the top countertop materials, granite and quartz offer a number of advantages over the competition in terms of their strength, aesthetics and durability. If you’re in search of quality countertops but don’t feel like emptying out your bank account, Half Price Countertops should be your first stop. As their name implies, customers at Half Price Countertops can save 50% on some of the top slabs of granite or quartz. With friendly and knowledgeable experts on hand to assist, anyone can find the perfect countertop in Fort Lauderdale for their home.

To the untrained eye, choosing between granite and quartz may seem tough because they are remarkably similar. The difference between the two lies mainly in how they are created. Granite is formed deep within the Earth’s crust when different minerals are exposed to high pressure and temperature. When the rock cools, it forms the wide variety of colors and patterns we see available at the top stores for countertops in Fort Lauderdale. Quartz is a manufactured product made from crushed quartz solidified in a matrix of resin. Since it is manufactured, quartz countertops can be any color or pattern, adding to the appeal with homeowners looking for something very specific. No matter what you’re looking for, Half Price Countertops has what you need at prices you’ll love!

Some like the natural beauty of granite as no two slabs are exactly alike. Other prefer the ability to customize their countertop and go with quartz as a result. No matter which countertop in Fort Lauderdale you choose to purchase, you can save time and money when you buy from Half Price Countertops. There is a ton of options and the friendly staff can show you all the different slabs available. Call or stop by Half Price Countertops today and get started with your countertop buying experience!