What are the Best Uses for Quality Granite?

Everyone has heard of granite kitchen countertops, this natural stone is prized for its incredible durability. Granite is the perfect choice for kitchens, it’s scratch, heat and chip resistant. Granite and kitchen countertops may be a match made in home design heaven, but there are other spaces in your home that can use a little granite for improvement. At Half Price Countertops, we keep our 8,000 sq foot indoor showroom stocked with the most beautiful granite slabs in all of South Florida. As a direct importer of high quality granite, we know how versatile this natural stone can be. We’re helping homeowners realize that granite doesn’t just belong on kitchen countertops! We invite you to discover our favorite alternative uses for granite in Fort Lauderdale.


The first space that granite can enhance is one that’s just as important as the kitchen when it comes to home value, and that’s the bathroom! Your home’s kitchen and bathrooms are some of the most important spaces when it comes to selling, so it’s important to center home improvement projects and renovations around these rooms. At Half Price Countertops, we know that granite makes the perfect option for vanity tops in Fort Lauderdale. Granite vanity tops are stylish, durable and completely suited to the stresses of constant use. Our team at Half Price Countertops can help you choose the perfect granite vanity top that matches your existing bathroom design, or a unique pattern that anchors a brand new bathroom design.

At Half Price Countertops, we’re a direct importer and fabricator of the most stunning granite slabs. Sometimes, we have leftover segments of our granite. Over the years, we’ve amassed quite a collection of affordable granite remnants in Fort Lauderdale. These smaller slabs of granite aren’t just more affordable, they’re often leftovers from some of the most beautiful countertops we’ve made. Our affordable granite remnants start at only $99! Granite remnants are ideal for many spaces within your home, including

  • Stone garden walkways
  • Granite-topped coffee tables
  • Mosaic countertops
  • Natural looking cutting boards
  • Durable outdoor benches
  • Elegant shelving

These are just a few of the uses for hour high quality granite remnants. When you purchase the beautiful granite that we fabricate and sell at Half Price Countertops, your options for customization and uses are only limited by your imagination! We invite you to learn more about our granite by browsing our granite gallery, here. We also invite you to stop by our spacious showroom, located at 500 NE 38th Street in Oakland Park. We look forward to seeing you soon!