When you are interested in installing new countertops for an affordable price, using remnants in Fort Lauderdale is a great substitute for buying brand new and expensive slabs of your desired countertop material. The most common material that customers buy remnants of is granite. Because granite in Fort Lauderdale can get up to prices of over $100 per square foot, the remnants offer the same quality stone for cheap if they can find pieces that match.

What Services Does Half Price Countertops Offer?

At Half Price Countertops, we believe in offering quality products for an affordable price. We carry remnants of granite because they can save our clients large sums of money and the stone doesn’t go unused. By taking advantage of the remnants, we make our clients happy, and we don’t go unpleased either.

We offer many styles of granite remnant in Fort Lauderdale. However, these pieces are best for smaller projects such as bathroom countertops, kitchen islands, coffee tables, and more. If you wanted granite for a larger project you will either must splurge, find an alternative, or be flexible with mixing and matching similar colored slabs. There are no two pieces of granite that are the same, so this could lead to some inconsistencies.

If you are interested in installing stone remnant of any kind, please contact Half Price Countertops. We are a local and reliable stone supplier that can cut, polish, and detail your granite remnant the way you want it. Whether it is granite, quartz, vanity tops, and sinks, we can help you save up 50% off what the next stone supplier is selling! When the fabrication is finished, we also install! Contact us today at (954) 867-8310 to learn more about our services!