What are Creative Uses for Stone Other Than Granite Countertops?


When most people think about granite, they think about their granite countertops in Fort Lauderdale which sit within the kitchen. While granite is an incredibly common material for many countertops in the area, it’s a material that can bring style to more spaces than just your kitchen. If you’re looking for sturdy and stylish surfaces, granite in Fort Lauderdale can meet your needs. At Half Price Countertops, we think that granite deserves to make its way to new spaces within the home.

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There are many spaces which can be improved by granite surfaces. Here are our top 4 alternative decorative and construction uses for granite:

  1. Outdoor bars. In sunny South Florida, year-round summer weather helps us enjoy our outdoor spaces any time of year. More and more homeowners are learning about the benefits of granite in Fort Lauderdale for their exterior spaces. Outdoor bars are increasingly popular, especially for waterfront spaces. You can make the most of your outdoor space with a stylish, functional and durable granite-topped outdoor bar.
  2. Natural looking fireplaces. Granite is incredibly durable, it’s scratch and chip resistant. Most importantly, granite withstand intense heat. This makes it the perfect material to accent any fireplace, bringing touches of natural stone to the design. You can use larger granite, or smaller pieces to complement existing fireplace designs.
  3. Beautiful bathrooms. Every bathroom has a sink and countertop space, but why should your bathroom’s vanity space be run of the mill? Highly durable and beautiful granite is perfect for bathroom design in bathrooms both big and small. Whether you have a single sink or double sink setup, granite can incorporate the design you’re looking for.
  4. A standout shower. Why should you keep the granite on just your vanity top? You can take our larger granite slabs and use them for your standalone shower’s walls, creating a durable and natural-looking design. You can opt for large, single slabs of granite, or you can combine smaller sections into an eye-catching granite pattern.

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There are many different uses for granite in Fort Lauderdale, thanks to the stone’s incredibly durable structure. Granite can withstand any conditions that sunny South Florida presents, resisting heat, scratching and chipping for years to come. When you work with our granite experts at Half Price Countertops, you can rest assured that you’ll be bringing the most affordable and highest quality granite into your home. Whether you’re looking for granite countertops, backsplashes or vanity tops, you can rest assured that our granite selection is second to none. As a direct importer of granite, we fabricate all of our granite slabs in-house. We invite you to stop into our showroom, located at 500 NE 38th Street in Oakland Park, to see what granite is available for your next project.