Stone is beautiful in any home, but often times, large pieces can get expensive. While there are alternatives such as laminate, they don’t have the same awe-inspiring affect that stone does. Fortunately, for those who aren’t looking to spend a fortune, there are remnants in Fort Lauderdale. Remnants are smaller pieces of stone that cannot be used for full-size countertops. At Half Price Countertops, we have plenty of unique uses for those smaller slabs, and we can’t wait to share a few with you. Keep reading to view five unexpected uses for granite remnants!

Granite Coffee Table Made of Remnants in Fort Lauderdale  

Granite is one of the world’s most famous stones, and for excellent reasons. It holds up through almost any type of pressure and it isn’t a porous rock. This makes it incredibly durable, especially for those with younger children or for those who do plenty of cooking. Its strength is what makes it a wonderful coffee table. Taking a single slab and cutting it into your desired dimensions will make any new guest ooh and ahh over your newest addition.  

Coasters with Granite  

If you have small pieces left over, you can make coasters! Coasters tend to have their own personality, and you can tell quite a lot by what a person chooses for their design. Do they choose something more minimal, more elaborate, or more elegant? With granite coasters, your living room is bound to be just a little bit more polished.  

Cheese Tray  

While granite can make a heavy product for the dishwasher, it makes a wonderful cheese board that can simply be wiped down by hand afterwards. Granite is a beautiful accent, especially when you’re going to be hosting. Whether you’re looking to entertain or simply store your fruits and veggies on top, this granite server will look stunning in your kitchen.  

Whiskey Stones  

While it’s definitely one of the more creative ideas, there are uses for those tiny pieces of granite you have left over from your projects! Simply cut the granite into clean squares and put them in your freezer. Then, when you’re ready to invite friends, colleagues, and family, you can wow them with your granite whiskey stones.   

If you’re looking for granite remnants in Fort Lauderdale, check out Half Price Countertops today! Granite and other stones can be expensive, but when you shop with Half Price Countertops, you’re receiving the best deals in South Florida. Our prices range from $150 to $1,100 for the remnants of your choice! Whether you’re looking to do something more traditional or something unique, Half Price Countertops is available to assist. Like larger slabs, these stones will last a lifetime. Call us today at 954-867-8310 and see how we can add beauty to your home!