Quartz no longer competes with granite. It’s its own kind of material and as such it has unique benefits that granite doesn’t. If you’ve been thinking about investing in some beautiful quartz countertops for your kitchen, but haven’t quite made up your mind, this is exactly where you’ll want to be. Having a clear idea of the advantages of purchasing quartz countertops can really help you make up your mind. Half Price Countertops is the leading granite and quartz countertop fabricator in Fort Lauderdale and throughout South Florida. We advice our clients what’s the best material choice for their countertops depending on what they’re searching for. On that note, here are the perks of choosing quartz in Fort Lauderdale for your kitchen countertops.  

Nearly Indestructible Countertops 

Some would say that quartz countertops could be compared to the Hulk. In what way? They are nearly indestructible. While some quartz countertops are made from quarried stone, there are many which are made from natural ground quartz and polymer resins. This arduous manufacturing process produces some of the toughest to dent or break countertops.  

Nonporous Countertops 

Some granite countertops are porous, some marble is porous, however when it comes to quartz countertops, the ones made from natural ground quartz and polymer resins are designed to not absorb any substance. This ensures that the material will remain intact for many years to come and that you won’t have to stress about replacing it soon.  

Resistant & Durable  

Quartz countertops are as durable as they come. Design to withstand corrosions and not succumb or damage under the stains of harsh household cleaning products and all kinds of substances, quartz is the perfect choice for those with kids, or who give great use to their kitchen on a daily basis. If you don’t want to have to keep treating and tending to your countertop religiously after a spill, then quartz is the best material for your kitchen countertops. 

Low Maintenance Requirements  

Quartz is one of those countertop materials that does not need to be constantly looked after. The resistantly engineered material allows for nearly anything to be thrown its way. While you’ll want to avoid constant exposure to high-heat and frequent exposure to sunlight for discoloration reasons, quartz in Fort Lauderdale still seems to be one of the most durable and tough to break or damage materials out there. If this article has convinced you that quartz countertops are the best way to go for your upcoming kitchen remodeling project, then we recommend you give Half Price Countertops a call today at (954) 867-8310 for the best prices and the most experienced team in the business. Quartz in Fort Lauderdale is the way to go!