Stone Remnants Improve Your Home Without Breaking the Bank


We’ve all heard the expression less is more. Not all home improvement projects are the same. You don’t have to replace your entire countertop to enhance the look of your kitchen and bathrooms. Sometimes the best improvements can be made in smaller doses.  You can use stone remnants, which are smaller pieces of stone.  The addition of stone remnants can enhance the beauty and character of your home, whether it’s a vanity top, stepping stones, mantles or fireplace hearths. The possibilities are limitless.

Instead of using a full-sized stone slab for a countertop, you can use smaller remnants to improve the overall look and feel of your home. And the best part is you’ll receive a beautiful piece of stone for a great price. You can choose whatever type of stone you’d like from granite, marble and quartz. Remnants are leftover from larger slabs used in other projects. They’re perfect for smaller areas such as a bathroom vanity or a kitchen island.

It’s hard to beat the savings of using stone remnants. You can save up to 80 percent off the normal retail price by using remnants for your home improvement projects.  If there is a drawback, you might have difficulty finding stone for a specific project. Others may have trouble finding a specific type of color. There are no guarantees when it comes to a specific project. But when you stop by the showroom at Half Price Countertops, our professionals can help work with you to get the remnant you need.

Picking out the right stone remnant isn’t the easiest process. But with help from the experts at Half Price Countertops, they can make sure your project is completed to your satisfaction. They can provide granite, quartz and marble remnants from a large inventory of slabs. If you have any questions or concerns about your home improvement project, visit their showroom in Fort Lauderdale or call (954) 867-8310.