Spruce Up Your Bathroom with a Vanity Top Backsplash


Your bathroom says a lot about how much you care for your house. It’s easy to have an ordinary bathroom with the same features that came with your home when it was purchased. But why not put your own personality into one of the most overlooked rooms of your home? More people in Fort Lauderdale are adding vanity top back splashes to their sinks. It’s only a small alteration. But it can completely change the entire look of your bathroom and create a more luxurious appearance.

Not everyone is an expert when it comes to remodeling their bathroom. Most homes in Fort Lauderdale have the standard sink, mirrors, shower and toilet. Adding a new vanity top and backsplash not only helps your bathroom look better, it also makes it easier to clean. A backsplash is a section of material added onto a wall behind a sink. This creates a surface that is easy to clean when water is splashed from the faucet or sink. Depending on the size and dimensions of your bathroom, you can utilize your new vanity top and backsplash to create space to add cabinets or anything you want.

Vanity tops and backsplashes compliment any bathroom and come in a variety of different materials. Granite, quartz and marble are among the most popular.  In addition to improving the look of your bathroom, these features also come with a practical purpose. The truth is the walls behind your bathroom sink take a tremendous amount of abuse. No matter how clean and neat you may be, sooner or later your sink will get covered with stains from the splattering of water, soap and toothpaste. The addition of a backsplash to your vanity top helps protect the wall from water damage. By adding beauty and protecting the materials of your bathroom, it automatically raises in value.

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