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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Quartz in Fort Lauderdale  

Are you remodeling your home and trying to decide on a countertop selection? If so, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most critical decisions a homeowner will make when transforming their kitchen into an old and outdated room, to a new and vibrant space. The countertop will need to match the floors, the accents, and the cabinets. It’s also essential that the countertop you choose offers durability that matches your lifestyle. If you have children, for example, quartz in Fort Lauderdale may be for you.  

Quartz in Fort Lauderdale is Durable 

Quartz is one of the strongest stones in the world. It’s durable finish gives families, in particular, the space to drop a few dishes here and there without worrying about significant damage.  

Quartz is Not Porous  

Quartz is also not incredibly porous. This means that liquid won’t absorb so easily into its crevices. Quartz can withstand many spills without showing signs of stains and deterioration.  

Quartz is Heat Resistant  

One of the most exciting attributes of quartz is that it is heat resistant. Many people like quartz countertops for cooking, as they won’t become damaged if the homeowner were to set a hot pan on its surface.  

Quartz is Versatile 

If you’re looking for a little versatility in your life, quartz is for you. Often it is mixed with crushed resin, which can be colored in numerous ways. This is an excellent choice if you’re looking to have an eclectic color, or you’re trying to adhere to a specific theme.

Quartz is Cost Efficient  

Quartz isn’t the most affordable stone but it certainly isn’t the most expensive. At Half Price Coutertops, we strive to provide amazing prices without sacrificing quality. Because we’re performing our own fabrications, we’re able to offer incredible pieces at half the price! Whether you’re building from scratch, remodeling, or you’re looking for extra pieces, know that Half Price Countertops has you covered. Call us today at (954) 867-8310 and start preparing your home for quartz in Fort Lauderdale!