Learn the Secret to Buying Quartz in Fort Lauderdale!


It’s a tough decision. Should you go with a quartz or granite countertop? It’s not exactly as important as deciding what to name your first born. But for many homeowners in Fort Lauderdale, it can make or break their home improvement project. The truth is you really can’t go wrong. Both materials add beauty and character to your kitchen. When it comes to value, appearance and level of maintenance, it’s easy to see why more people are choosing quartz in Fort Lauderdale.

There are a variety of materials to use for a kitchen countertop. Everyone has their own taste. But which material is best for your home? For many years, granite was considered the popular standard among countertop materials. But lately, there has been a noticeable trend shifting towards quartz. The biggest factor is cost. Quartz is less expensive than granite. If you have a large kitchen with abundant counter space, quartz becomes a much more economical and smart choice. The best part is you don’t have to compromise quality for a lower price.

If you’re looking for a material which allows you to pick a solid color, texture and pattern, you can beat quartz. Other stone slabs need to be crafted with a controlled appearance. Quartz slabs also don’t have any defects to cut around, which lowers your costs.

But when you’re selecting a surface for your countertops, you want to choose a material with great durability.  Quartz countertops have the hardest surface of any stone slabs. Its thickness is the same as other stone slabs and can be cut and customized by the same stone-cutting equipment. They’re also extremely scratch resistant and requirement very minimal maintenance. Unlike granite or marble, quartz is manufactured to be hygienic, which means they are far less prone to bacterial growth.

When looking for a particular style of quartz countertop, color is always a big determining factor. One of the major advantages of quartz is color consistency. Many granite slabs are commercially dyed. Over the course of time, these dyes will eventually change color. With quartz, you’re getting a stone with natural color that is consistent throughout the entire slab.

By now you’re probably wondering, what’s not to like about quartz? The answer is nothing. If you’re looking for the finest quality of quartz in Fort Lauderdale, more people are choosing the professionals at Half Price Countertops. Their 8,000 square foot showroom contains a variety of materials including quarter, marble and granite in Fort Lauderdale. To select the best quartz for your countertop, stop by their showroom today or give them a call at (954) 867-8310.