Granite Countertops in Pompano Beach Are the Perfect Kitchen Updgrade


When most people think about high quality countertops, they think about beautiful granite surfaces. Granite countertops have become the industry standard in countertop design, thanks to granite’s truly unique appearance and sturdy structure. If you’re searching for the most affordable granite in Pompano Beach, look no further than our high quality granite at Half Price Countertops. We specialize fabrication of the most beautiful granite, quartz and natural stone slabs. When you’re looking to complete your kitchen with the best countertops around, look no further than the granite we import, fabricate and sell at Half Price Countertops.

Granite is created deep in the earth’s surface, where a composite of materials such as quartz, mica and feldspar are combined to create granite. Because granite is created naturally, no two slabs look exactly the same. While all granite slabs sport a beautiful natural look, the exact combination of color, texture, waves and speckling will vary. At Half Price Countertops, we directly import all of our granite from the finest quarries around the world. Then, we fabricate all of our granite in-house, giving us absolute flexibility when it comes to your countertop designs. We can incorporate custom cuts, sizes and thicknesses to ensure your countertops are the perfect fit.

.Granite Countertops Pompano Beach, FL

Granite countertops are the perfect fit for indoor kitchens and even outdoor dining spaces. At Half Price Countertops, we know that our granite countertops will be the perfect choice for your kitchen, bathroom vanities, outdoor dining areas and even pool decks. With our granite countertops in Pompano Beach, you can enjoy the strongest and most stylish designs. Granite countertops strength features include:

  • Scratch Resistance
  • Chipping Resistance
  • Heat Tolerance
  • Vibrant Long-Lasting Color

Granite countertops are the perfect fit for today’s busy kitchens because they’re about as sturdy as it comes. You can cut directly on your granite countertops without worrying about scratching the surface. Granite is also incredibly heat tolerant, keeping its shape even in extreme heat. With simple routine resealing, you can keep your granite free from mold, mildew and staining. Cleaning granite in Pompano Beach is easier than ever before, all you need is a damp washcloth to wipe the surface clean.

When you’re looking for the best granite in Pompano Beach, look no further than our 8,000 square foot showroom. At Half Price Countertops, we can tailor our high quality granite slabs to the needs of your kitchen, your style and your budget. Don’t compromise when it comes to your granite countertops, you can get affordable perfection at our showroom. We invite you to see our beautiful granite in person at our large Pompano Beach showroom, located at 1631 South Dixie Highway, Building E.