Experience the Natural Beauty & Versatility of Quartz


Modern kitchen countertops have been a fixture in American homes since the 1920s. Back then, the most common surface was Formica. As styles changed over the course of time, it was popular for countertops to be covered with laminates.  But like anything else, what’s old is now new. The latest trend is to use natural stone surfaces. Granite and marble are the most popular choices among consumers. But if you’re seeking versatility and durability, quartz is an excellent option.

One of the great benefits of quartz countertops is that it combines the best qualities of laminates and stone surfaces. Quartz countertops first gained popularity in Europe. But they’ve increasingly found their way into American homes. In just the last decade, sales for quartz surfaces have increased by 60 percent.

The recent trend of quartz countertops may come as a surprise to some. It just happens to be the second most common mineral in the Earth’s crust. Quartz is also the second hardest mineral only to diamonds. Although some quartz countertops are naturally produced from slab of natural stone, most are made through an engineering process. The helps enhance the stone’s vibrant and luxurious colors and creates a smooth, strong and durable surface which requires a minimum of maintenance. Another great feature with quartz is the wide array of dazzling colors. With so many options to choose from, quartz offer greater versatility you won’t find in granite or marble.

Because many kitchens are adjacent to family, living, or sun rooms, the wide variety of colors gives consumers more options to coordinate or blend-in with their home.  While quartz gives consumers choices in colors they never had before, there’s another great benefit most people can’t see. Quartz countertops are about as indestructible as anything you can place in your home. Their durability is so great, most manufacturers offer a warranty, something you rarely find with granite or marble. Quartz is also known for being much more sanitary and isn’t as porous as other popular surfaces. They are virtually free of bacteria.

If you’re like most people in Fort Lauderdale, you probably have little time to spend cleaning your entire house. Quartz countertops are not only durable, they’re also almost stain resistant. They can withstand corrosion from cooking oils, liquids and most harsh chemicals from cleaning products. You’ll never have to worry about occasionally resealing the surface. If there’s one thing that makes it vulnerable, quartz countertops can be damaged by excessive heat. It’s a good idea to use heating pads or trivets.

If you’re looking to brighten up your kitchen with new quartz countertops, trust the professionals at Half Price Countertops in Fort Lauderdale. They specialize in engineered quartz as well as a variety of countertop surfaces including granite and marble. They’re able to answer any questions or concerns about your home improvement project and can help install everything you need. Visit them today at any of their location in Fort Lauderdale.