Enjoy Timeless Beauty in Home with Granite in Fort Lauderdale


Some things never go out of style. For thousands of years, granite has been a standard building material for some of the world’s most beautiful and enduring structures. From the Roman Coliseum to Mount Rushmore, it’s easy to see why this natural stone has been chosen throughout the centuries as the perfect building material. But you don’t have to live in one of the Seven Wonders of the World to enjoy its timeless beauty. One of the best ways to beautify and add value to your home is by adding granite countertops in Fort Lauderdale to your kitchen or bathroom. No place has the best selection of granite in Fort Lauderdale than Half Price Countertops.

Granite is a natural stone which was first quarried in ancient Egypt for construction purposes. It’s an igneous rock which was formed in a molten hot state underneath the earth’s crust. Through many of the great ancient civilizations, from the Greeks to the Romans, it was coveted for its strength, beauty, durability and is available in a variety of colors in large or small slabs. Many of the great monuments in this country today were constructed from granite, including the Washington Monument and the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial.

By adding a granite countertop, you can instantly transform your kitchen into the centerpiece of your home. Half Price Countertops has an 8,000 square foot showroom, featuring a variety of the best selection of granite in Fort Lauderdale. Choose from any size, pattern or color to fit the décor of your kitchen or bathroom. If you have a limited budget or just want to save money, another great suggestion is to choose granite remnants in Fort Lauderdale. Remnants are smaller slabs of granite, which can be designed and used to create a vanity top, stepping stones, mantles, fireplace hearths or just about anything you want.

The best part about Half Price Countertops is the wide variety of selection as well their affordable and competitive prices. If granite isn’t your choice of material, you can also choose from gorgeous pieces of marble and quartz in Fort Lauderdale.  Each offers its own unique style and character to any home. You will be amazed how a few small new additions to your kitchen or bathroom can instantly improve the look of your home and increase its value. If you’re not sure how to go about your home improvement project, the professionals at Half Price Countertops and can help pick out the perfect natural stone along with the color and pattern which best fits your specific needs. To learn more, stop by the showroom today and discover how granite in Fort Lauderdale can keep your kitchen and bathroom looking beautiful for a lifetime.