Discover Great Savings on Quartz in Fort Lauderdale


Nobody wants to spend too much money on a home improvement project. That’s why so many do-it-yourselfers in Fort Lauderdale are spending their own time and energy remodeling their kitchens and bathrooms for the New Year. But not everyone has the tools, materials or expertise to get everything done.  Fortunately, the professionals at Half Price Countertops now have a have an inexpensive solution. Give your kitchen and bathroom a fresh new look new with quartz countertops in Fort Lauderdale. Now is the best time to start your project because Half Price Countertops now has great deals on quartz as part its Quartz Slab Blowout.

For just $300 per slab, homeowners can choose from five different colors of quartz, perfect for a new countertop. More homeowners are choosing quartz in Fort Lauderdale for its beauty and durability. But there’s an added benefit. Quartz is an engineered stone, which through modern technology that includes restin binder and added colors, give it more versatility than other stones. Quartz doesn’t just imitate other natural stones. You can select from unique designs and colors that don’t look anything like a stone. Once quartz countertops in Fort Lauderdale are installed, they can instantly transform the look and ambiance of your kitchen or bathrooms.

Most people think of quartz as a stone. But it’s actually one of the most abundant minerals on earth. It’s not an actual stone, but rather an ingredient that makes up a stone. Take granite for example. It’s actually composed of many different minerals including quartz and feldspar. When you’re choosing a quartz countertop in Fort Lauderdale, you’re actually selecting a slab made from a combination of quartz materials and several other additives.

But when choosing a material for your countertops in Fort Lauderdale, quartz simply makes sense. It’s one of the hardest materials on the planet, second only to diamonds. Quartz is also a non-porous material. All the cracks and crevices are filled, making it water resistant. Another great feature about quartz countertops is they don’t require ongoing maintenance. Other natural stones need to be sealed. Most importantly, quartz gives your home added aesthetic beauty. The color patterns are more uniform.  Homeowners can also choose from a wider variety of colors.

But if you’re not a big fan of quartz, Half Price Countertops also has a great selection of marble and granite in Fort Lauderdale. Stop by the Half Price’s 8,000 square foot showroom and choose from your favorite materials. If you’re not sure what to select, our knowledgeable professionals can make helpful suggestions and install your countertops. Don’t wait before the year is over to complete that home improvement project. Call the professionals at Half Price Countertops today and take advantage of the Quartz Slab Blowout.